Approximately 24" tall and 17.5" wide and created with 4mm thick corrugated plastic printed on the front side. 

Mint Julep

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  • Yard Stake

    Display any Spirit of Derby decor items in your yard with yard stakes. Each stake is approximately 30" tall and 10" wide. Simply slide the stake into the corrugated openings in the decor element and place the other end of the stake firmly in the ground. 



    UGlu bonds instantly to: Plastics, Metal, Polystyrene, Fabric, Wood, Glass, Ceiling Tile, Brick or most exterior surfaces, Granite, Paper, Drywall, Laminates. UGlu is easy to peel off, non-toxic, acid-free, waterproof & weatherproof 

    • To apply, expose the adhesive on one side and firmly press on to the clean and dry decor element*. Then, remove the paper backing and apply to the clean and dry desired surface. 
      • *For easy removal, position the UGlu on the edge of the decor element. 
    • To remove, pull a corner of the adhesive in a parallel manner to the applied surface.
    • Spirt of Derby takes no responsibility to any damage that is done in use of this product.