UGlu bonds instantly to: Plastics, Metal, Polystyrene, Fabric, Wood, Glass, Ceiling Tile, Brick or most exterior surfaces, Granite, Paper, Drywall, Laminates. UGlu is easy to peel off, non-toxic, acid-free, waterproof & weatherproof 

  • To apply, expose the adhesive on one side and firmly press on to the clean and dry decor element*. Then, remove the paper backing and apply to the clean and dry desired surface. 
    • *For easy removal, position the UGlu on the edge of the decor element. 
  • To remove, pull a corner of the adhesive in a parallel manner to the applied surface.
  • Spirt of Derby takes no responsibility to any damage that is done in use of this product.

Additional UGlu Strips 1"x3" (pack of 10)

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